Dolphin Watching
& Snorkeling

Highly recommended for ocean lovers!
A combination of exciting activities to truly enjoy the charm of Guam’s ocean.

In addition to Guam’s most popular marine activity of Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling, this special package also includes a tour of Fish Eye Marine Parks’ Underwater Observatory and a delicious lunch buffet.

Welcome and enjoy a world full of beautiful blue sky and vibrant colored sea. You will begin the tour with an exciting ride on the stylish cruiser for the dolphin watching tour.

Enjoy the view of the gentle rolling hills in the distance while being caressed by the soothing ocean breeze. You will soon discover a group of playful dolphins.

The cheerful dolphins approach the boat and enjoy the gentle rolling waves created by the passing boat. What a great photo opportunity for shutterbugs.

After a brief encounter with the dolphins, you will continue to the next adventure.

Enjoy the gleaming color of the waters of Piti Bay from the bridge on the walk to the underwater observatory. More than 200 species of tropical fish and other marine life can be observed from the viewing windows of the observatory located in a depth of 30 feet.

After a tour of the underwater observatory you will finally get to go snorkeling. With proper instructions on how to put on your snorkeling gear and life jacket, you can easily enter the water from the platform by the bridge of the underwater observatory.

The snorkeling instructors will lead you slowly into the water while you hold onto the safety rope and practice your snorkeling skills. The undersea world of the beautiful coral reef which you saw from the viewing windows of the underwater observatory can now be seen directly in front of your eyes.

The colorful yellow striped goatfish gathers around the coral reef. You are surrounded by countless fishes as you feed them with the fish food provided by the snorkeling instructor.

Sometimes a great barracuda or a cute sea turtle will appear.

You will end your tour and satisfy your hunger at the Fish Eye restaurant while listening to the pleasant live music of the Pacific Islands.

Coral Spawning

An abundant group of corals can be seen within the snorkeling area around the underwater observatory. The corals appears like trees in the sea however they are an aggregate of individual organisms (polyps) that number from thousands to millions. The polyps have a myriad of tentacles to capture and eat the drifting plankton and absorb the nutrients created by the photosynthesis of the brown algae.
It is said that the corals multiply by laying eggs and that spawning does not always take place however on Guam many corals spawn at the same time every year in July on the night of a full moon. It is an amazing sight to see the many species of coral spawning at the same time.
Although it is said that the coral has been in existence as far back as 542 million years ago, they are very sensitive to the changes in the environment. Due to the current effects of global warming and marine pollution, it is predicted that 50% of the earth’s corals will be annihilated and will disappear by the year 2030. The prevention of such a tragedy has been the topic and activities of many of the world’s marine conservation groups.

Comment by Dylan (Snorkeling Instructor)

Dolphin watching on a compact schedule with less worries
of getting seasick
The underwater observatory is surrounded by live coral reefs
and many kinds of fishes
This is the best package to enjoy the magic and the warm
temperature of the ocean throughout the whole year
Savor the all you can eat lunch buffet where
my personal favorite are the pancakes




Basic Course
(Hotel Pick-Up) 8:00~8:35
Arrival at Fish Eye 8:50
Briefing 8:50~9:10
Observatory Viewing 9:15~9:45
Snorkeling 9:45~10:45
Shower & Change clothes 10:45~11:00
Dolphin Watching 11:45~12:45
Lunch Buffet 13:00~14:00
Depart from Fish Eye 14:10
(Arrival at hotel) 14:40~

Prices April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020

Basic Course
Early Bird Discount Regular Price
(12 yrs. & up)
(6-11 yrs.)
(12 yrs. & up)
(6-11 yrs.)
$82 $41 $88 $44

*Early Bird Discounts are available for reservations made up to 3 days prior to tour date..
•Child below 6 years old is free..
•※Option Roundtrip transportation is avairable (Adult $ 10 / Child $ 5)

Services included in the tour

Dolphin watching cruise, 1 complimentary drink during the cruise, Escorted Snorkeling Tour, Rental Snorkeling Gear, Food for Fish, Underwater Observatory Viewing, Lunch Buffet, Round-Trip Transfer from major hotels in Tumon (※If optional transfer service was added.)

Hotel Pick-Up Time

Hotel Name Pick-Up Area
Bay View, Nikko Lobby 8:00
Lobby (5F)
Reef, Guam Plaza Lobby 8:10
Dusit Thani Lobby (1F) 8:15
Hyatt, Fiesta Lobby 8:20
PIC, Hilton Lobby 8:25
Sheraton, Onward Lobby 8:35
Leo Palace - -

*The following hotel guests will be picked up at the hotels shown in the parentheses below.
Ocean View (Bay View), Capital (Guam Plaza), Outrigger (Dusit Thani), Pacific Bay (Hyatt), Grand Plaza (Hyatt), Verona (PIC), Pacific Star (PIC)、Royal Orchid (PIC), Holiday Resort (Fiesta), Garden Villa (Fiesta), Wyndham Garden (Hilton), Santa Fe (Onward), Alupang Beach Tower (Onward), Leo Palace (Guam Plaza)


• 1 tour per day
Open 7 days a week
• Minimum pax: 5pax, Maximum: 30 pax
(Understand that if you do not have a minimum number of participants, you may be asked to change the tour dates by prior notice.)

If you are unable to see dolphins on your tour:

We provide Fish Eye Original Gift for the amendment.

Customers requiring special assistance

If you feel you may require a special assistance physically or otherwise with the following, please advise our staff when making reservations.
If you feel you may require a special assistance physically or otherwise with the following, please advise our staff when making reservations.
• get on and off the bus
• relax in the water wearing a life jacket
• understand the tour schedule and instruction by staff
• use restroom (for tour With Observatory Viewing)
go to the Observatory Tower (980 feet long, wheelchair can be used)
There is a 72 step spiral staircase between the upper deck and the lower deck in the observatory. For customers who prefer to stay on the upper deck, a video monitor is available to view the underwater marine life via live video feed.
• (Only for tour with lunch) to have meal

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Fish Eye Marine Park Guam Office (9am-7pm, open daily)