Dinner Show
Deluxe Course

A Luxurious tropical fantasy!
Enjoy the finest cultural revue on Guam along with a T-Bone Steak full course dinner.

Make yourself right at home on your preferred seating, and enjoy Guam’s most renowned and popular island revenue.

After taking a photo with our gorgeous dancers, proceed to open-air tropical theater restaurant.

Let's start dinner by making a toast to begin the dreamy night.
Savor the Salmon Carpaccio, Cold Soup, and Fresh Salad before the main dish.

A mouthwatering T-Bone Steak will be served. Select your dessert from a variety of beautiful sweets.

With the exciting drum beats the Dinner Show begins. The King and Queen attired in gorgeous costumes liven up the show even more.

Powerful and dynamic male fight dance and fascinating and romantic Hawaiian dance.

After the incredible and impressive fire dance, the exciting finale will blow your mind.

Dance Costume

Before modern clothing was introduced from the western world, the Pacific Islanders wore cloths made from the bark of trees or plant fibers known as Tapa.
The Tapa is made from the bark of the bread tree or hibiscus tree and soaked in the river for a few days and beaten until they become soft and pliable. It is then overlaid and expanded with starch then colored with the sap of different trees and plants. The color red comes from the tow tree, yellow from ginger, light yellow from the nono and tea color from the ait.

In Tahitian culture, clothes were not made into three dimensional shapes but were simply wrapped or hung on the body.
The male’s loincloth is known as the Malo and the ladies as a Paleu. This traditional clothing continued even after more colorful fabrics were introduced from the west.
The Paleu is now called the Pareo and has spread around the world as a form of tropical and beach wear and can be worn in various ways.
Both the Malo and Pareo are worn as costumes in our dinner show. You can see how stylish they are worn. It is amazing that they never get worn out or come loose even during the intense movements of the performance.

Comments by Franco, a chief waiter

At the VIP seat, the dinner will be served right at your table
so you don’t need to go back and forth to the buffet table.
The Dance Show is so exciting and incredible.
Even we, dancers enjoy the show every evening.

Tour Schedule

4/1~8/31 9/1~9/30 10/1~1/9 1/10~3/31
(Hotel Pick-Up) 18:00~18:35 17:40~18:15 17:20~17:55 17:40~18:15
Arrival at Fish Eye 18:50 18:30 18:10 18:30
Full Course Dinner 18:50~20:00 18:30~19:40 18:10~19:20 18:30~19:40
Dance Show 20:00~21:00 19:40~20:40 19:20~20:20 19:40~20:40
Depart Fish Eye 21:10 20:50 20:30 20:50
(Arrival at hotel) 21:40~ 21:20~ 21:00~ 21:20~

Prices April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020

Regular Course Early Bird Discount Regular Price
(12 yrs. & up)
(6-11 yrs.)
(12 yrs. & up)
(6-11 yrs.)

Basic Course
$100 $50 $110 $55

*Early Bird Discounts are available for reservations made up to 3 days prior to tour date.
•Child below 6 years old is free..
•※Option Roundtrip transportation is avairable (Adult $ 10 / Child $ 5)

Hotel Pick-Up Time

Hotel Name Pick-Up Area 4/1~
Bay View, Nikko Lobby 18:00 17:40 17:20 17:40
Lobby (5F)
18:05 17:45 17:25 17:45
Reef, Guam Plaza Lobby 18:10 17:50 17:30 17:50
Dusit Thani Lobby (1F) 18:15 17:55 17:35 17:55
Hyatt, Fiesta Lobby 18:20 18:00 17:40 18:00
PIC, Hilton Lobby 18:25 18:05 17:45 18:05
Sheraton, Onward Lobby 18:35 18:15 17:55 18:15

*The following hotel guests will be picked up at the hotels shown in the parentheses below.
Ocean View (Bay View), Capital (Guam Plaza), Outrigger (Dusit Thani), Pacific Bay (Hyatt), Grand Plaza (Hyatt), Verona (PIC), Pacific Star (PIC)、Royal Orchid (PIC), Holiday Resort (Fiesta), Garden Villa (Fiesta), Wyndham Garden (Hilton), Santa Fe (Onward), Alupang Beach Tower (Onward), Leo Palace (Guam Plaza)

Services included in the tour

T-Bone Steak Full Course Dinner, Island Dinner Show, Round-Trip Transfer from major hotels in Tumon (※If optional transfer service was added.)


• Open 7 days a week (Exclude 12/2、12/9、and 12/16 for maintenance)
• Minimum pax: 1pax, Maximum pax: 20 pax

Customers requiring special assistance

If you feel you may require a special assistance physically or otherwise with the following, please advise our staff when making reservations.
• get on and off the bus
• understand the tour schedule and instruction by staff
• use restroom
• have meal

Cake Order *optional

If you would like to order a cake, please indicate it on comments (Questions or Concerns) below when making reservations.

Size Diameter / Number of People Price
SS 5” for 6 pax $25.00
S 7” for 10 pax $40.00
M 8” for 14 pax $55.00
L 10” for 18 pax $70.00

*10% Service Charge will be added.
*Reservation must be made up to 3 days prior.
*100% Cancellation fee will be charged from 2 days prior to reservation date.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Fish Eye Marine Park Guam Office (9am-7pm, open daily)