Dinner Show

Experience the unique culture of South Pacific Islands through a direct communication with our Polynesian dancers

Savor the lavish seafood buffet and enjoy the exciting dance show while seated at the priority seating section.

Fish Eye staff will explain you the spiritual stories of Tiki statues, and you escort you to restaurant.

Have a glass of refreshing welcome drink and our dancers will show you how to put on a Pareo, and play the drums.

Female guests will learn the basic steps of the Polynesian dance following the Pareo wrap instruction.
Male guests will challenge playing a few Polynesian instruments such as drums and fire stick.

After the joint practice, enjoy taking photos with our gorgeous dancers with your group.

After an engrossing island cultural experience, delight yourself and your whole family with the freshest seafood. Teppanyaki steak, and restaurant made sweets are included in our enjoyable gorgeous buffet.

The performance begins with the intense-beating of drums. Watching it from your special priority seat makes this incredible show even more exciting.

The dancers who you met through the “Touch” program will entertain you with their professional skills on the stage.

From a thrilling fire dance to finale, enjoy Guam’ most renowned Ialsnd cultural revue at Fish Eye.

Tahitian Instruments

The dynamism of the Polynesian dance comes from the strong beat created by their native percussion instruments which has a long history in Tahiti.


Is a cylindrical wooden drum made from the hollowed out log of a hard tree called a Miro. Because it is made from natural logs, the sound differs with each instrument and ranges from various pitches of low to high depending on the size of the log and the cavity created in the log.


Is a small drum made by a hollow log with a stretched goat skin as the drumhead. This drum is struck with two sticks and usually produces a pitch in the mid-range. When combining fa’atetes of different sizes, a complex ensemble with a wide range of pitches can be created.

Pau Tupa ‘I Rima

Translated as “Hit by Hand”, this instrument is a big and tall drum that is struck by the open hands. It was originally created from natural logs with shark skin as the drumhead but has now evolved and may be made with other materials such as drain pipes. Its djent, mellow and resonating sound is quite impressive.

Tahitian Ukulele

This string instrument makes a high-pitch, tense sound similar to the toe’re. It is a bit larger than the softer sounding Hawaiian Ukulele and is believed to have its roots from the banjo brought in by the Spanish explorers in the 17th century.


This instrument is a unique flute made from bamboos and other trees and is played with the nose instead of the mouth. Musicians must be careful to not and spread their cold.

In our “Touch” course you can actually try these instruments.

Comments by Meg, top dancer

“I’m so glad I can directly communicate our guests through
the wonderful “Touch!” program.
As you will be introduced to our instruments or
dance steps, you can enjoy the dinner show even more!
Our original tropical-style pareo and T-shirt you’ll bring home
will be a great souvenir to remember the night.
Feel the different level of excitement from your special seat.


4/1~8/31 9/1~9/30 10/1~1/9 1/10~3/31
(Hotel Pick-Up) 16:55~17:30 16:35~17:10 16:15~16:50 16:35~17:10
Arrival at Fish Eye 17:45 17:25 17:05 17:25
“Touch!” Program 17:45~18:50 17:25~18:30 17:05~18:10 17:25~18:30
Dinner Buffet 18:50~20:00 18:30~19:40 18:10~19:20 18:30~19:40
Dance Show 20:00~21:00 19:40~20:40 19:20~20:20 19:40~20:40
Depart Fish Eye 21:10 20:50 20:30 20:50
(Arrival at hotel) 21:40~ 21:20~ 21:00~ 21:20~

Prices April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019

Group Price
WEB Early Discount 15 Early Bird Discount Regular Price
(12 yrs. & up)
(6-11 yrs.)
(12 yrs. & up)
(6-11 yrs.)
(12 yrs. & up)
(6-11 yrs.)
$94 $55 $99 $55 $109 $55

*WEB Early Discount 15 are available for reservations made up to 15 days prior to tour date.
*Early Bird Discounts are available for reservations made up to 3 days prior to tour date..
•Child below 6 years old is free..
•※Option Roundtrip transportation is avairable (Adult $ 6 / Child $ 3)

Hotel Pick-Up Time

Hotel Name Pick-Up Area 4/1~8/31 9/1~9/30 10/1~1/9 1/10~3/31
Bay View, Nikko Lobby 16:55 16:35 16:15 16:35
Lobby (5F)
17:00 16:40 16:20 16:40
Reef, Guam Plaza Lobby 17:05 16:45 16:25 16:45
Dusit Thani Lobby (1F) 17:10 16:50 16:30 16:50
Hyatt, Fiesta Lobby 17:15 16:55 16:35 16:55
PIC, Hilton Lobby 17:20 17:00 16:40 17:00
Sheraton, Onward Lobby 17:30 17:10 16:50 17:10
Leo Palace Lobby 17:20 17:00 16:40 17:00

*The following hotel guests will be picked up at the hotels shown in the parentheses below.
Ocean View (Bay View), Capital (Guam Plaza), Outrigger (Dusit Thani), Pacific Bay (Hyatt), Grand Plaza (Hyatt), Verona (PIC), Pacific Star (PIC)、Royal Orchid (PIC), Holiday Resort (Fiesta), Garden Villa (Fiesta), Wyndham Garden (Hilton), Santa Fe (Onward), Alupang Beach Tower (Onward), Leo Palace (Guam Plaza)

Services included in the tour

“Touch!” Program, Seafood Dinner Buffet, Island Dance Show, Round-Trip Transfer from major hotels in Tumon (※If optional transfer service was added.)


• Open 7 days a week (Exclude 4/5、4/12、12/6、12/13  for maintenance)
• Minimum pax: 1pax, Maximum pax: 20 pax

Customers requiring special assistance

If you feel you may require a special assistance physically or otherwise with the following, please advise our staff when making reservations. • get on and off the bus
• understand the tour schedule and instruction by staff
• use restroom
• have meal

Cake Order *optional

If you would like to order a cake, please indicate it on comments (Questions or Concerns) below when making reservations.

Size Diameter / Number of People Price
SS 5” for 6 pax $25.00
S 7” for 10 pax $40.00
M 8” for 14 pax $55.00
L 10” for 18 pax $70.00

*10% Service Charge will be added.
*Reservation must be made up to 3 days prior.
*100% Cancellation fee will be charged from 2 days prior to reservation date.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Fish Eye Marine Park Guam Office (9am-7pm, open daily)