Take a walk on the ocean floor for an unforgettable experience.

Go for a walk on the ocean floor of the Piti Bay Marine Preserve better known as the “Paradise of Marine Life”. You will walk through the magnificent underwater world as if you are walking on the moon’s surface. This unforgettable and unique activity includes a scrumptious lunch buffet and a tour of the underwater observatory.

After a briefing at Marine Gallery, visit the Underwater Observatory.

View an abundance of fishes and other marine life living in the sea from the underwater observatory.

Now it’s time to sea-walk! Take the staircase down to the pontoon (floating desk).

Put on the shoulder pad to get ready.

A special helmet will keep your whole face and head dry.
Fresh air is supplied to the helmet so there is no need for a heavy diving tank.

Slowly descend the ladder while you unblock your ears and arrive at the ocean floor which is at a depth of 20 feet.

Hold on to the rail while you wait for the other participants to join you and start sea walking!

Our experienced and certified scuba divers will escort you along the trail as plenty of fishes surround you.

Meet the clown fish living in the coral.

Enjoy the breathtaking view of an abundance of fishes, natural corals and other marine life like you have never seen before. The natural light through the sea above you creates a surreal ambiance.

It was purely exciting but we felt safe during the whole time!

The dolphin watching cruiser boat departs from the marina to the sapphire colored open sea. (*optional)

Complimentary mango juice is provided.

A dolphin is sighted not too far from the marina.

Friendly dolphins approaches the boat to the passenger’s delight.

So lucky to see amazing spinning jumps by the dolphins.

After a cruise filled with excitement, satisfy your hunger with our delicious lunch buffet.

Special Helmet

Seawalker is a very popular marine activity for everyone. You do not need to be a swimmer or have snorkeling or diving experience to join this unique tour. You may keep your eyeglasses on and the make-up on your face will remain untouched. So what is the trick? It’s the special helmet developed specifically for Seawalker. With this helmet, you can breathe under the sea in 20 feet of water as you normally would on land. You will be immediately surrounded by the beautiful natural marine life as you begin this tour. Walking on the ocean floor is a bit like walking on the moon where your body seems to float and you move lightly with each step. Be ready to face the countless fishes that start swimming towards you as you get ready to feed them. All the adorable fishes will surely make you smile with joy. Join us today and experience Seawalker for an unforgettable memory.

Comments by our tour guide

There is no need to have diving experience or learn
how to use complicated equipment.
Seawalker is a quick and easy underwater activity
for everyone!
The helmet is filled with fresh air so you can
breathe normally.
The brilliant water surface you see from the sea floor
20 feet deep is so beautiful!
The underwater trail has handrails so it’s easy and
safe to walk the sea floor.

Tour Schedule

Basic Course With Dolphin Watching
#7 #10
Hotel Pick-Up 7:30~8:05 7:30~8:05 10:30~11:05
Arrival at Fish Eye 8:20 8:20 11:20
Briefing 8:20~8:40 8:20~8:40 13:50~14:05
Observatory Viewing 8:40~9:15 8:40~9:15 14:15~14:30
Seawalker 9:15~10:30 9:15~10:30 14:30~15:30
Shower & Change clothes 10:30~11:00 10:30~11:00 15:30~16:00
Dolphin Watching - 11:45~12:45 11:45~12:45
Lunch Buffet 11:00~12:00 13:00~14:00 13:00~13:50
Depart Fish Eye 12:10 14:10 16:00
Arrival at Hotel 12:40~ 14:40~ 16:30~

Tour Prices April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018

 Basic Course
(12 yrs. & up)
Children (A)
(8-11 yrs.)
Children (B)
(6-7 yrs.)
(5 yrs. & under)
Early Bird Discount $89.00 $80.00 $30.00 Free
Regular Price $98.00 $88.00 $30.00 Free
Group Rate $89.00 $80.00 $30.00 Free
 With Dolphin Watching #7
(12 yrs. & up)
Children (A)
(8-11 yrs.)
Children (B)
(6-7 yrs.)
(5 yrs. & under)
Early Bird Discount $117.00 $95.00 $45.00 Free
Regular Price $130.00 $105.00 $45.00 Free
Group Rate $117.00 $95.00 $45.00 Free
 With Dolphin Watching #10
(12 yrs. & up)
Children (A)
(8-11 yrs.)
Children (B)
(6-7 yrs.)
(5 yrs. & under)
Early Bird Discount $108.00 $86.00 $45.00 Free
Regular Price $120.00 $95.00 $45.00 Free
Group Rate $108.00 $86.00 $45.00 Free

*Early Bird Discounts are available for reservations made up to 3 days prior to tour date.
*Group Rate is applicable to groups of 8 or more paying adults.

Services included in the tour

Round Trip Transfer from hotel, Underwater Observatory Viewing, Seawalker, Lunch Buffet (*Beverages not included)
Dolphin Watching cruise (1 complimentary drink included during the cruise)

Hotel Pick-Up Time

Hotel Name Pick-Up Area Basic Course/
With Dolphin Watching #7
With Dolphin
Watching #10
Bay View, Nikko Lobby 7:30 10:30
Lobby (5F)
7:35 10:35
Reef, Guam Plaza Lobby 7:40 10:40
Dusit Thani Lobby (1F) 7:45 10:45
Hyatt, Fiesta Lobby 7:50 10:50
PIC, Hilton Lobby 7:55 10:55
Sheraton, Onward Lobby 8:05 11:05
Leo Palace Lobby 7:55 -

*The following hotel guests will be picked up at the hotels shown in the parentheses below.
Ocean View(Bay View)、Capital (Guam Plaza), Outrigger (Dusit Thani), Pacific Bay (Hyatt), Grand Plaza(Hyatt), Verona (PIC), Pacific Star(PIC)、Royal Orchid (PIC), Holiday Resort(Fiesta), Garden Villa(Fiesta), Wyndham Garden (Hilton), Santa Fe (Onward), Alupang Beach Tower (Onward), Leo Palace (Westin)
* Leo Palace hotel guests will be picked up at Leo Palace and dropped off at Westin.

Tour Operation

  • Minimum pax: 5pax, Maximum pax per tour: 24 pax, Maximum pax per day: 60 pax (Must be 8yrs and above to participate in Seawalker)

*When weather conditions deteriorate, the Dolphin Watching cruise may be cancelled for safety reasons at the discretion of the boat captain without prior notice.


To participate in the Seawalker Tour you must be at least 8 years old and below the age of 80 years. Customers who are 7 years and younger, women who are pregnant and those with serious heart, lung or other respiratory and circulatory ailments may not participate in the Seawalker Tour.
For more details, please click below and refer to the “Participant Statement and Health Questions”.


Customers requiring special assistance

If you feel you may require a special assistance physically or otherwise with the following, please advise our staff when making reservations.

  • get on and off the bus
  • use staircase to/from the pontoon (floating deck) at anchor next to the observatory viewing tower.
  • equalize ears, and use hand signals under the water,
  • stay on his/her seat
  • understand the tour schedule and instruction by staff
  • use restroom
  • have meal
  • go to the observatory tower (980 feet long, wheelchair can be used)
    There is a 72 step spiral staircase between the upper deck and the lower deck in the observatory. For customers who prefer to stay on the upper deck, a video monitor is available to view the underwater marine life via live video feed.
    (Only for “With Dolphin watching”)
  • get on and off the boat (There is 20-inches of gap between the pier and the boat)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Fish Eye Marine Park Guam Office (9am-7pm, open daily)